Aerial Crop Analysis
Drone surveys are a faster, safer and more cost-efficient way to analyse your crops. Drones can be deployed rapidly and allow farm managers to discover trouble spots, find stock on larger properties and conduct in-depth crop analysis using multispectral photography techniques. Our drones can capture high definition video footage which provides a view from above without the cost of hiring a plane or helicopter.
Multispectral Imagery For
Plant Health
We use multispectral imaging to provide in-depth imagery information which can reveal trouble-spots not visible to the naked eye. We process multispectral imagery and automatically apply the correct band order and algorithm for accurate, calibrated plant health analysis.
Drone & Pilot Crop Analysis Service
We use our range of multispectral photography equipment to take videos and imagery of your crop. We can take near infrared images and thermal imaging to capture a more accurate view of your crops and provide a more in-depth analysis.
Crop Counting
Using a drone to count your entire crop can take only a few hours compared to manual counting and calculating based on a small portion of your crop. Using drones are a faster and more accurate way to know with certainty how many of the sown seeds have taken into becoming healthy plants.
Our Drone & Pilot Crop Counting Service
We use our range of drones and photography equipment to quickly and effectively count your crops, all at the fraction of the cost of manual counts, with more accurate results
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