Aerial Crop & Weed Spraying

The DroneZup team are dedicated, full-time NZ pilots. Our 20+yrs of experience in chemical and agricultural applications ensure all relevant rules* regarding the environment and health and safety are applied as standard. Our team provides an efficient service delivered with the utmost care.

Our fleet of aircraft ranges from a 10L drone for small and targeted area applications to a 20L for larger crops and pasture. Our highly advanced drone (UAV) spraying systems have double GPS redundancy, flow sensors, lidar sensors for terrain following and fully programmable flight paths.

Aerial Crop Spraying

Using drones to monitor your crops is both efficient and economical. The convenience of spraying pesticides and fertiliser on crops, pasture or forestry makes using drones the best possible choice for the modern farmer. Whether you have one farm or multiple properties we can help you with either a one off or regular spraying programme. We work with council, environmental agencies and private landholders to handle all their spraying requirements.

Drone & Pilot Crop Spraying Service

We will assess your crop spraying requirements for fertiliser and other nutrients and then discuss the best possible solution with you for your farm.

Drone & Pilot Crop Spraying Service

Using dronesĀ is the new convenient way of controlling noxious and environmental weeds like gorse, broom, blackberry, ragwort, thistles and bracken in pastures, waste areas and forestry. Weed management professionals ranging from Councils/Weeds Authorities through to Bushcare/Landcare groups will find our drone a useful tool for those hard-to-kill species. Not to mention small and large landholders looking to clean up problem weeds.

We will assess your weed issues and discuss the best possible solution for your unique situation. We have experience in all types of weed spraying using drone technology.

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