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We specialise in helping drone pilots of any level of experience to up-skill either through one of our courses or through a personally designed tuition session relevant to your existing skills. We aim to help you refine your skills and ensure you comply with all legal and practical requirements of flying drones in NZ.
We can come to your premises, or you can come to our facilities at Ardmore Airport, they can be one to one or a small group exclusive to that customer or business and include several practical flying sessions. These sessions become progressively more complex and the pilot is monitored at each session to ensure they develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to complete the course. All courses conclude with a final assessment and CAA certification.

The aim is to ensure that when you leave, the pilot can continue to fly safely without risk to themselves the drone or to people and property on the ground.

We can help you gain the qualifications you require to operate a drone, or you can contact us and we can carry the work out for you.
Drone Applications

We are experts in agricultural drone use and we have experience working across a number of other industries including:

  • Construction & Mining
  • Utilities & Telecoms
  • Energy & Renewables
  • Facilities Management
  • Filming Live Events
  • Wildlife Monitoring
  • Disaster Relief
  • Law Enforcement
  • Search & Rescue
  • Surveying
Jaz Gribble
Jaz Gribble
Grant Andrew
Grant Andrew
Quality Assurance
Nasaha Bridgeman
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Business partners
Business partners
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