drone in flight

Introduction to Dronezup

DronezUp was founded by Jaz Gribble, who had the vision of how drones would grow in the future of New Zealand. Jaz was instrumental to the early implementation of drones in New Zealand and continues to add value to the industry. In 2021, DronezUp was purchased by Jordan and Nikki Salmons, who have driven growth in both the operational and training sectors of the New Zealand Unmanned Aviation industry. The vision for DronezUp is to develop a network spanning the country which offers national stability and structure, at a local level. We incorporate in-house training and professional development to the highest level, and grow the culture of our team, supporting each individual to reach their potential. As a team, we pool knowledge and experience, and in turn achieve great things.

Our Team

Jordan Salmons

Director / Chief Pilot

Chief Pilot 102

Chief Instructor 141

Jordan's background in in aviation engineering and role equipment in the commercial agricultural manned aviation industry. Jordan's Favourite aspect of the job is seeing people reach their potential, then realising they can go for more!

Ethan Verhoeff

Commercial Drone Team Member

Ethan is the newest member of the DronezUp team. With his extensive digital knowledge, he is a great addition to the team. 

Nikki Salmons

General Manager

Bachelor of Education with Honours

With a background in teaching, Nikki is instrumental in the structure and delivery of our training services and the day to day running of DronezUp.

Phil Burridge

Training Manager

Pilot 102

Instructor 141

Phil has a background as an airline training and checking captain, and has a key role in the well-rounded, dynamic education we offer to our trainees.

Len Day

Auckland Operations

Pilot 102

Len has worked with Jordan on operations from the beginning. The methodical approach, experience, and attention to detail makes Len a vital part of the operation. Len's approach to client relationships is outstanding, ensuring each client receives a good experience throughout the entire process of dealing with DronezUp.