Remote controller used to navigate drone

Come and train with DronezUp New Zealand

Dronezup NZ Ltd is certified by NZ CAA under Rule part 141 which allows us to train, examine and certify candidates for the use of drones in recreational, photography, commercial, survey and agricultural applications. We offer bespoke training, tailored specifically to your needs and maintain small groups so the trainee gets more one-on-one time. We couple this with our compliance package which takes you through the pathway to becoming a 102 certified operation. Chat to us for more information on the services we offer.

Where are your courses delivered?

We currently offer regular courses in Auckland and Queenstown. If you have a group of four or more people, we can come to you in other parts of New Zealand.

If I just want to fly my drone for personal use, do I still need to do a course?

Definitely. All drones in New Zealand operate under Rule part 101, so even if you are flying at home or at the local park, there are rules you need to be aware of to ensure New Zealand airspace remains safe for everyone that uses it.

Why would I need to go to 102?

Rule part 102 is a system which allows you to work outside of some aspects of Rule part 101. Rule part 102 covers things like flying aircraft with an all up weight of greater than 25Kg, flying over private property, agricultural operations etc.