drone flying overhead spraying paddock weeds

Agricultural Weed Management

The DronezUp team trains and collaborates with industry leaders when it comes to methods and techniques for the management of weeds and undesirable plant species in rural New Zealand. We approach this with a specific goal – to meet the clients needs while applying chemical only where required. The use of the drones we operate, and the techniques we incorporate, allows us to specifically target species and areas with GPS precision, without applying chemical where it is not needed. This saves our clients substantial amounts of money in otherwise wasted chemical. All our staff are trained and certified in the handling and aerial application of agri-chemicals, and our internal training system increases currency and knowledge far beyond any regulatory standards in place.

Can DronezUp supply the chemical?

Absolutely, we work with our suppliers to gain strong buying power, getting savings we can pass on to the client.

Do I need to be onsite?

No, we are a self-contained operation allowing us to work remotely in a safe and efficient manner, allowing you to carry on with your day. We will need to meet with you initially to cover off our safety briefing and establish a plan for the operation, however once this is done our team will manage the job entirely for you.

Is DronezUp a certified operator?

Yes, DronezUp NZ Limited is certified under NZ CAA Rule Part 102 which allows us to carry out this operation. Our pilots are extensively trained in drone operations, chemical handling and commercial site safety.