Commercial and Industrial Roof Cleaning

DronezUp specialises in commercial and industrial building roof cleaning and treatment for moss, mould and lichen. The system we use is fast and requires no building scaffolding, saving time and money. The economies of our methods prove to compound, with less down time of access to the building, nothing attaching to the building which could potentially cause damage, and less time on site. Ideal for schools, commercial buildings and complexes.

How often should I have roof treatment applied?

Every 12 months.

Can we still occupy the building while it is being treated?

Yes, areas which do not have clearlites can be occupied while the drone is working, and we will manage the rest of the site with you to maintain a safe workplace for all involved.

Is DronezUp a certified operator?

Yes, DronezUp NZ Limited is certified under NZ CAA Rule Part 102 which allows us to carry out this operation. Our pilots are extensively trained in drone operations, chemical handling and commercial site safety.