Drone parked on box in paddock

Glasshouse and Tunnel House Roof Cleaning

DronezUp offers a range of services for the glasshouse, plastic house, and tunnel house growers that make up a large sector of New Zealand's horticultural industry. We have worked closely with fruit and vegetable growers, flower growers and plant nursery operators to develop a method which is effective and efficient, matching the operation in a cost-effective way. Data shows that with glass houses, in the critical cooler months every additional % of light that can be gained through non-obstructed glass in equivalent to an additional % of production inside the house. We recommend a yearly clean and take a maintenance approach rather than a reactive approach.

How often should I have roof treatment applied?

Every 12 months.

Can we work in the house while it is being cleaned?

No, the safety of our team and yours is our number one priority. We do understand that growing and production must continue and we make a plan with you to work around your schedule. We often work weekends and early mornings / evenings to fit with your requirements.

Is DronezUp a certified operator?

Yes, DronezUp NZ Limited is certified under NZ CAA Rule Part 102 which allows us to carry out this operation. Our pilots are extensively trained in drone operations, chemical handling and commercial site safety.