Drone inside lab

Filming, Photography and Survey

DronezUp offer a range of solutions to meet the needs for filming and photography throughout New Zealand. We have a range of drones which cover a large number of requirements including commercial asset photography, land and site survey, multispectral and thermal imaging to assess plant condition, soil condition and plant health.

Where in NZ are these services available?

We operate across the entirety of New Zealand.

How do you charge?

We look at each project individually, as no two jobs are the same. We discuss your needs with you, then offer a proposal with a job cost so you have a clear understanding before any work is done.

Is DronezUp a certified operator?

Yes, DronezUp NZ Limited is certified under NZ CAA Rule Part 102 which allows us to carry out this operation. Our pilots are extensively trained in drone operations, chemical handling and commercial site safety.